Images of the night sky taken from my backyard


If you live in the city the night sky can look empty to the naked eye with the exception of the moon and some of the brighter constellations. It also seems to lack colour with everything appearing to be in black and white. Using a telescope will increase the amount you can see, however, it will rarely if ever show any colour. This is where long exposure photography comes in as shown with this close up image of the horsehead nebula in the constellation of Orion. This website shows images of various galaxies, star clusters and nebulae in the night sky and will also give details as too how the images were taken, problems encountered and how these problems were resolved. Because of this not all of the images will be perfect like the ones that appear in glossy books, I intend to show how improvements can be made with practice and experience. I hope you enjoy the images and that you may look a bit longer the next time you are out on a clear night and look up at the heavens.


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